Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Burden No Guilt

No Burden No Guilt is a photocopied booklet that I produce that typically consists of drawings made by myself. There is no agenda other than that... usually. I have made two collaborative issues with my friend James Bradley. And No Burden No Guilt #3 consisted of drawings I found in my friend Donna Chung's closet... I can only assume that she made most of them. For the extremely small circle of people that know about my zines, this zine is the closest connection I have been able to make with the "Daily Gil" series. I also view "Hamburger" to probably be issue #0 to this so called "series". I got the name from my friend Sarah Cathers. I believe there is prolly a 16 Bitch Pileup release with the same title.

I am currently laying out issue number 5.

here is a outdated geocities link to some of my zines... here notice the date. do not attempt order any of them. this link is very old. I thought geocities dumped so I'm suprised it is still up. I will soon be transferring everything here so it makes more sense.

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